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Our Approach

We have an offer for people, who:

  • temporarily stay in Kiev or Lviv for the period between few days and few years
  • prefer living in an apartment to a hotel room
  • believe that the place (of your livng) really matters!

Seeking to offer not a product but a solution we see our role two-fold:

1. To find the best apartment for you and solve all apartment-related issues

2. To provide you with extra services you may need during your stay


1. Addressing the first task we are using the AnyDay Apartment Model (c), seeing the apartment from 5 different perspectives:

1.1. Location is about prestigiousness, safety and proximity to the city cnter

1.2. Infrastructure puts the focus on supermarkets, parks, recreational places etc.

1.3. Building stands for the state of the house and a yard as well as an access to the apartment

1.4. Interior is about the planning, style, renovation and

1.5. Amenities cover all equipment and facilities available to the guests’ disposal

2. Regarding second task, related to supplementary services, we are using the following approach.


We assign personal assistant to every client. Whenever you have a need you can phone her and ask for help. The personal assistant resolves the following issues:

  • Ticket Booking (air flights, railway or bus)
  • Car Rental (different model, class, size)
  • Theatres | Museums
  • Excursions (in the city, outside the city)
  • Translation | Secretary (meeting arrangements, short translations, print-outs, restaurant reservations etc.)
In every case you will be able to choose between several service providers we cooperate with.
We have our agent’s discount with our partners, so you simple pay the market price without any charge on our side.