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Renting and booking Apartments vs Hotel Rooms: pros and cons

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One option that is often overlooked is the possibility of staying in an apartment instead of a hotel/hostel room.

Let’s pay a closer look to both options and make a detailed comparison:

Booking Apartments in Lviv Booking Hotel Rooms in Lviv
  • A fridge which is entirely empty for you to use for storing food
  • Facilities, cookware and ingridients for own cooking
  • No strict check-in and chec-out hours
  • A washing macine and a dryer
  • At-home environments (relaxed and informal)
  • Larger space
  • More flexibility in terms of additional sleeping places
  • Easy search and booking
  • Low deviation in standards, especially in a chain hotels
  • Breakfast is often included
  • Inhouse sport and leisure facilities
  • Superior location in the city
  • Excellent service and supportive service staff around
  • Location is normally less central and further from attractions
  • Self-house keeping (no everyday maid)
  • Many extra payments inside the hotel
  • No facilities for cooking and cleaning clothes
  • Lower space

One of our colleague from Prague is always staying in apartments when he has a choice. He has five key arguments in favour of apartments:

1. More Space

First imporatant advantage of apartment is space. In comparison with hotel room you will get more freedom and comfort. Next point regarding the space are separated bedrooms. That made it possible to have business meetings in the lounge area while someone slept in one of the bedrooms. In other words, you will get more freedom to entertain guests the way you want to.

2. Own Kitchen

Hotel room usually will have a fridge that is mostly filled with over-priced drinks and has no facilities for cooking and often no facilities for cleaning clothes. An apartment will ideally have a fridge which is entirely empty for you to use for storing food and ingredients for your own cooking; in addition, you will get fully equipped kitchen (including microwave, toaster, kettle, owen and so on). Cooking some of your meals in the kitchen instead of going out to eat for every meal is another excellent way to save money.

3. More Privacy

Apartments are sometimes located off the beaten path as well, and are more private than hotels. Hotels are typically louder and offer less privacy. Apartment have a greater ambiance to feel with amenities like DVDs, satelite TV, wi-fi internet, work space, safe box and much more.

4. Save Money

It was mentioned that you can save money by cooking for yourslef; furthermore, if you are going to stay for longer period of time then there is no more reasonable stay than in apartment with regards to money and your comfort. You can save big amount of your budget by staying in apartment.

5. Beer Free


Last but not least of advantage of apartments is in having as much beer as you want during EURO2012 championship. Most of the hotels won’t let you have a party for 12 persons with 100 liters of beer. There is no problem to have it in an apartment.

Finally, wherever are you going everything depends on travel situation and own preferences Both oportunities have advantages and disadvantages; the number of people on your trip, the vacation atmosphere you desire, and amenities are all factors that can influence your decision.