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Prices for accomodation in different hosting cities

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Danish, German and Portugal fans appeared to be the most lucky from the accomodation pricing prospective after the draw for the tournament on Dec. 2. Vsitors from these countries, staying in Lviv City, will pay on average 20% less than fans from Sweden for example, whose team play two games in Kyiv City. Such estaimation was made by TUI Travel Agency (see details below).

Quick Internet search on websites suggested by TUI Travel and Hamalia, the tournament’s two official tour operators, reveals that hotel prices will jump several times. Needless to remind that simple double tents (without any extra service) are already pitched for 50 euros per night.

Picking a city or village outside the host cities could be one more way to find a less expensive hotel. Truskavets, about 90 kilometers from Lviv, expects a number of visitors, while Horlivka, around 40 kilometers from Donetsk, is also expecting to host fans. Living outside the host cities will halve the prices for hotels but will add the headache of getting to the stadiums.

It is often impossible to book a hotel or hostel for one night. Many require a minimum two- or even three-night stay, while the hotels usually demand full pre-payment after booking the rooms.

Some visitors to Ukraine prefer to avoid hotels and rent private apartments – sometimes a cheaper option. But many apartment owners are not offering their places for rent yet, holding out for bigger fees as the tournament draws closer, according to an employee of a foreign media representative who is organizing accommodation for reporters.